TTouch for All Animals

The Tellington TTouch is beneficial for all animals including rabbits, guinea pigs, camelids, exotics, birds, farm animals and wildlife.

This gentle technique enables an animal to feel safe in the company of humans and helps to reduce fears about being handled, increase trust and lower stress.


This baby meerkat is enjoying a TTouch session with one of the participants on the Practitioner Training Clinic here at TIlley Farm.

For animals where handling should be kept to a minimum such as wildlife, TTouch techniques can make health checks less traumatic and does not promote over bonding between the animal and humans.

Working with an unfamiliar species enables our Practitioners in training to refine their skills thus giving them greater awareness when working with the animals that are more familiar to them and many go on to work with a range of different pets. 

Feathers or soft artists water colour brushes are a useful starting point for animals that may be nervous of direct hand contact


If you would like to organise a talk for a club or rescue group please contact your nearest Practitioner or Email the Tilley Farm office.

TTouch Practitioner Adam Rogers has published an informative guide to the care and behaviour of small animals called The Big Guide to Small Pets which includes some useful TTouch tips and techniques and is well worth reading if you handle or own small creatures.

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